I don't know if I should be happy that you finally felt comfortable enough in front of me to let me see you play or to think that inviting me today is your way of not wanting to spend time alone with me. I know that you don't always think about things, the way that I do. I obviously over-think everything. It wasn't actually that bad, just different. It wasn't boring, and it just felt intimate and mellow. I didn't have to do anything, really, other than just sitting there and listening. They are talented, and I felt honored to be there, but I was probably not the best person to bring to a band practice. I know nothing about music and obviously couldn't have offered up any thing. I don't want to believe that he thought about not wanting to be alone with me, and so just invited me along today to get out of hanging out with me without the presence of his other friends. I must give it to him though, he did wait for me to safely cross the road before driving away when he dropped me off. Ugh, je ne sais rien!


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