Today started off well enough, I didn't miss my first, or second bus :) I was able to wear a neutral outfit, one I wasn't too upset with. Two people even told me I looked cute!  While I was taking things out of my locker and putting my jacket there as well, someone tapped me on the arm, I'm usually not used to being reached out to, so that was a surprise for me, specially since it was so early in the morning! No one is usually that nice in Highland at 7 in the morning. It turns out it was one of the new students that transferred to my school. Maybe its because he isn't from Jersey and from where he is from, its common courtesy to say hi to the people you know, or he is just really nice :) Hopefully it's the latter. To make things even better, after French class, one of my classmates "gave" me the yellow swan he made. Apparently he was just showing it to me, but I appreciate the act nonetheless, and he did end up letting me keep it. In my next class, I put the swan on the edge of my desk, not wanting to squish it in my purse or my bag, and my other classmate, decided to make more swans from me. Today was also square dancing day! My partner wasn't the ideal guy, I really wanted to be paired with, but he wasn't gross(he didn't look like he liked to skip taking showers). I don't usually like to judge, unless you really don't like to take showers or baths. That's just so inconsiderate, other people have to smell you! I'm all for individuality, but when it comes to bad hygienic practices, a line is crossed. Environmental Science class was easy enough today too! Art is art, a class I'm just always struggling in, no matter what we're doing. I think I'm just really easy to satisfy because everything about today just put me in the best moods I have ever been in. Maybe I'm going crazy? Hopefully not haha


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