New Year

Sisters! I was holding my phone in the second picture because my other sister was calling to greet me and everyone else with "Happy New Year" <3
New Year :) 
New Year Kisses <3
We played poker until midnight, I was winning for a while, ate Chrisa  won too  :)

Before going anywhere, we of course had to take pictures!
One of the only traditions my family partakes in anymore.
This little girl is the cutest!! <3
I wore red and polka dots in hopes of having a great year this year! :) It doesn't hurt to partake in superstition every once in a while, and why not on new year? Unfortunately ate Mag, wasn't able to celebrate the new year with us, but at least she didn't spend it on the road. I really hope the red and the polka dots help me to have a great 2012! <3


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