Impossible by Nancy Werlin

I just finished reading Impossible by Nancy Werlin, and wow, I could not stop reading it...that isn't even an exaggeration.  It was thrilling to try to figure everything out with Lucy, instead of ahead of her like I usually try to with other books.  I thought the timing was perfect with everything, I found nothing to be too draggy or boring.  It even got me really intrigued about Scarborough Fair, the song.  After listening to the song, I realized that I have heard it before, a lot of times actually but it never really sparked an interest from me.  Amazing how something could be insignificant to us in one instance then suddenly it becomes the greatest ballad in the world the next.  Yesterday, I was on for a few minutes, maybe even hours (I'm a geek, after all) so today I searched for the book to see what others had to say about it...some of the reviews people left bothered me, I felt like they missed the whole point of the book and dissected it so much, too much.  Perhaps its because, I felt for Lucy, and in more times than I would like to say, wanted her life, no not the rape part, or the curse, actually, but the fact that everything just happened and everything came to an end in a way that was good for everyone.  I guess I'm not as pragmatic as Zach says Lucy is, but come on, any seventeen year old would want things to just work out. Maybe its because I too am only seventeen and I don't look so closely into everything, maybe it is because I am no an expert in reviewing books, I'm just used to reading a book and then either liking it or not...I don't usually think about the meaning that something in the book may have been giving, I didn't think that Nancy Werlin was trying to glamorize teen pregnancy or rape, I feel that she just used it as a major part of the story, if she had concentrated mainly on the feelings that Lucy should have gone through after being raped, she would have never been able to elaborate on the big picture, the curse and how Lucy was going to handle everything. I think glamorizing teen pregnancy is pretty hard to do, specially when a lot of the people who would most likely choose to read this book would be smart enough to know that teen pregnancy has the potential of either being the greatest thing for the girl or her worst nightmare, she is, just a teenager...I guess this just proves how naive I am and how different people's perspectives truly are.


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