Different Perspectives

Junior Prom, although definitely not what I had fantasized and dreamed about, was fun for me. It was just like any other dance, once I lost myself to my surroundings, my friends, were around me and I was dancing, what else could I really expect? Don't get me wrong, prom was never just another dance for me, I always envisioned myself in a big poofy gown that made me look like a princess dancing with the guy I liked, and the same guy who liked me back...That obviously didn't happen, I'm pretty sure the pictures on here show no guys whatsoever...Even though none of the fairytale esque(is this a word?) things happened on junior prom, I didn't think anything of it that night and up until now I still don't think it was such a disaster, so when my friends recalled their junior prom memories I was surprised to find out that none of them really had too much fun...and to think I was in the same room with them and everything, I was in the same table as them too! I guess I have either become jaded or more optimistic because I didn't let anything stop me from being happy that night, not the fact that I didn't have a date, not the fact that the girl I once thought of as my best friend barely seemed to want to talk to me, not even the fact that the guy I liked was there with his girlfriend (this guy isn't the type to go to proms and his date wasn't the type to be wearing dresses or go to proms, but there they were, in my cousin's table, at prom).  Prom wasn't something I planned, in fact, I wasn't really part of any planning, I never really am, I tend to go with the flow, specially since it was always my best friend who planned everything and I was usually one of the first people she talked to. As anyone who has read any past entries would know, I no longer have a best friend, I no longer am the first person to be told, in fact, I am truly the last person to know now.  It is true that Prom could definitely have been way better, but I now for a fact that there were others in that same room who didn't enjoy prom, others who didn't even want to be there, but I refused to be another person who was bitter and didn't know how to have fun when she felt alone, all I knew was that in that same room sat people who didn't like me anymore, people I truly wanted to be best friends with again, and I couldn't show that their opinions mattered all that much to me, I just wanted to be the same old girl everyone liked to be around. I wanted to be the little girl who had hoped and waited for prom her whole life...I wanted to be the girl who had fun at prom :) There is still Senior Prom to worry about, and quite frankly, I'd rather not worry about it...a lot of people tell me they don't plan on going to it, but I will go no matter what, I will not let anything stop me...I've been going to dances on my own for such a long time, who cares if I go alone, its not like anyone will really remember anyway...as long as I have the best time of my life...maybe I'll even sit with different people, people who aren't faking their smiles, people who truly want me around


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