New Year

Alright at least I had a great start to a new year...frustrations really annoy me, and I just had to write to let it all out. Shows I'm very human right? Shows that I am bipolar more like. Hopefully this new year will be way better than last year. This year, I'm going to a new dermatologist and hopefully they can help me with my hair loss. It will be life's best gift to me if my hair does grow back and I don't lose it again. The dermatologist said that I will have to be under more complicated ways, it would really bring my life happiness if it works, I saw my family doctor a while ago and she was shocked by how big my spots got ever since she last saw me which was about eight months ago. It is true that before I went to the dermatologist my spots weren't that bad, but I think that it is just how alopecia works, gets worst over time. This year I am hoping for my hair to grow so I don't have to wear a wig anymore. I know people are really just trying to make me feel better when they tell me to wear a wig so I could look better, but it does the exact opposite. It makes me feel so insecure. I spent part of my new year with my immediate family, but most of it was with my cousins and my best friend. It was really fun and I hope that symbolizes how 2010 will be. I hope everyone else had a great new year! :)


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