Meteor Garden
The very first asianovela I ever watched, and it is one of the best I must say. A lot of people I know, don't think it was that great, but I think it was. As a matter of fact, it is one of my favorites and I don't think that my opinion of it will ever change. I love the original F4 guys(JVKV) they are amazing. I haven't really watched that much other dramas with them as the lead but I'm sure they are great. I started Mars, Hot Shot and Momo Love which are dramas that have them as main leads and as far as I got with each drama, each member of F4 shows great acting skills. Shancai and Daomingsi were really enjoyable to watch, there was really chemistry between the two of them. Love that withstood so much obstacles would obviously be a reason to why I would fall in love with such a drama. I just felt really bad for Lei and his tragic ending.

Romantic Princess
It was definitely a drama where both sides were really willing to give up everything for each other. The main leads were pretty and handsome, and an interesting twist to usual Cinderella story. I think. The main lead once wished that she could be an heiress and then one day her dream truly comes true, but since she was never known as the heir, there were 4 guys who were being trained to be the successors of the company, and the main candidate, when he meets the lead girl, dislikes her from the start because he knew that they would be married and his chance to a normal life as a sales person would go out the window.
Smiling Pasta
Very cute and fun, uplifting show, not too much drama. Really cute love speeches <3 :)
A show fit for everyone in the family. It's about Xiao Shi who was once cursed by her "first boyfriend" that she would not ever have a relationship that would surpass 3 months, on the day of her 3 month anniversary with her current boyfriend, she gets dumped and runs into(literally) He Qun,a celebrity, who was currently being followed by paparazzi. They both fall to the ground and kiss, and in hope of protecting the girl he just kissed, He Qun makes Xiao Shi stay over his house to hide. What they don't know is that the media followed them all the way to He Qun's house and were hiding out in front of his house. A sleepy He Qun and Xiao Shi talk in the balcony only to find themselves being the subject of the many cameras that were pointed at them. The only way to save face, He Qun's manager, is forced to say that He Qun and Xiao Shi are engaged.

Full House(original korean version)
Also fun and uplifting, shows how no matter how much we try to hide our feelings, they will come out. Also shows how stardom can make people do really impulsive decisions somehow like Smiling Pasta. It is about the romance of a frustrated novel writer and a famous actor. Han Ji-Eun lives in a house called Full House, and it is the only thing she has left of her parents, but because of her friends, it is sold to the famous actor Lee Young Jae, being complete opposites, they can't get along. Han Ji-Eun in hope of getting her house back, begs Lee Young Jae and ends up being a maid for him. To get his best friend jealous, Lee Young Jae proposes to Han Ji-Eun and they make a contract that stated that they divorce in six months and in six months Han Ji-Eun gets her house back and they can live their lives seperately. Six months is long and over the course of time they fall in love with each other.
Autumn Fairytale/Autumn in My Heart
An interesting storyline. Two lovers who first believed they were biological siblings, until Eun-suh gets into an automobile accident and the truth is revealed. They are seperated when the Yun family, Eun-suh's first family, go to America and Eun-suh is reunited with her biological mother. The two nonbiological siblings meet again when Yun Joon-suh goes back to his childhood town and in which Eun-suh works as a telephone receptionist and romance begins...
My Love Pattzi
A cute but short story
Corner With Love
An alright drama. It is about two people who initially meet after they crash into each other in a corner. Xin Lei, is a girl from a wealthy family who had everything she ever wanted, until her family goes bankrupt and she has to live life on her worn because her parents fled the country and left her. Her engagement with her boyfriend was also called off because of her sudden misfortune. Qin Lang is an aspiring artist who is amazing at cooking oyster pancakes, after the accident, Xin Lei goes to Qin Lang so that he could teach her how to cook a traditional dinner for her soon to be in laws. Xin Lei's parents only leave behind a key to an old house in Taiwan, but it just so happens that the house her parents left behind for her is also the house Qin Lang's family has stayed in for years.
Fated to Love You
A really good story. It is about an unfashionable "sticky-note" girl and a sole succesor. Chen Xin Yi is the girl who everyone likes to take advantage of and Chuan Xi first meet in a cruise after they have a one night stand. Chun Xi and Xin Yi both have significant others so they thought that they were really having sex with their significant others when in truth it was to each other. Xin Yi ends up pregnant and Chun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married...
Meteor Garden 2
Shows how true love will still win in the end. Shancai and Daominsi's seperation deeply hurt me, I cried in so many of the scenes when they were not together. I did like how Hua Zei Lei was always there for Shancai though. Yesha was just plain annoying for me, the only part I hated in the show was her. It is about Shancai and her troubles of finding Daomingsi after he has an accident and loses his memories because of it. Yesha accompanies Daomingsi to find his family and bring him back home since the accident happened in Barcelona. Throughout learning just bits of pieces about himself, Daomingsi learns that he was not a good person, but what he didn't know was that he was in fact a great person, after Shancai came to his life. It was not his wanting to be a bad person, it was mainly because of his horrible childhood and the restrictions that were put upon him. Daomingsi then chooses not to learn everything about him before the accident. Shancai, trying to heal the wound Daominsi's accident has caused her chooses to live in an isolated village until Hua Ze Lei makes the choice to follow her.
Miss No Good
Shows how inner beauty is always the best kind of beauty. It is about Xiao Hua, an unfashionable girl and Tang Men a stylist. Xiao Hua and Tang Men meet when Xiao Hua's motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the road and they both take the taxi that came. Because of Xiao Hua and Tang Men's opposite personalities, they argue and Tang Men storms out of the taxi leaving behind an expensive pair of scissors. With the arrival of Xiao Hua's elementary classmate, Xiao Hua comes to a realization that she needs to learn how to be a true upper class lady so not to embarass Jia Si Le, her classmate who has fallen for her, thus blackmailing Tang Men. She told him that he would not get his scissors back unless she turns into a lady.
It Started With A Kiss
It is about the romance of a highly optimistic and bubbly character of Yuan Xiang Qin and the highly intelligent Jiang Zhi Shu. Their story begins when Xiang Qing tries to confess her undying passionate love for Zhi Shu after two years, but Zhi Shu rejects her and doesn't even read her letter. Xiang Qin and her dad, after experiencing a small earthquake, have to live with her dad's friend. It just so happens that her dad's friend is Zhi Shu's dad, so they are forced to live under one roof.
They Kissed Again/It Started With A Kiss 2
It is about the life of Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin during college and their life as a married couple. It is a really good show and it is even better than the first one. The first one was kind of life teeny bopperish when this one is more mature.
Meteor Shower
very different story from meteor garden, there are some similarities, but not too much. A good show a bit long but by the time you get to the ending you will be wanting more, trust me. The only other adaptation that I have watched other than Meteor Garden so I can't say it is one of the best just yet, but it really is a good show :)


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