I have always been interested in Sociology, and it was my major at Albright College for a year before I transferred to Camden County College. I took an Introduction to Sociology class that just made me love it even more. Dr. Rice, the professor I had for Intro to Sociology, provided me with different views of life and the way others live. That class had a little bit of criminology in it because of Dr. Rice’s knowledge in the field, and that really opened my eyes to a lot of injustices in the world. The view of poverty and minorities that has been a part of this country for too long is upsetting to me. I have always wanted to be a part of something big in this world, and that would be becoming a part of the social work program at Rutgers.  I plan on pursuing my interest in Sociology at Rutgers as well, but becoming a social worker and having a career in social work is the most important thing I could do with the things I learn in Sociology. All the theories and studies that have been made help in explaining why things are and I want to make use of the past and current information that the studies in Sociology provide us with. Social Work is the action behind the theories that sociology provides. My professors at Camden County College always talk about the experiences they’ve had as counselors or case workers and I can’t help but get excited. Through the social work program, I will learn and experience the joy which my professors in the human services program at Camden County College boast about.
            To have the opportunity to become a part of the social work program at Rutgers would help me in achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a social worker and helping out in this world in the only way I know how. I can’t and have no desire to know how to help people medically, at least not with surgeries or anything like that, but I have realized throughout many dilemmas that just being there for someone is already helpful. The most important thing that a social worker should have other than patience and kindness is empathy. My recent role models in life have been Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, both of whom have shown compassion for others through their charity work. My goal is to provide others with even just a sliver of the happiness both ladies have provided many through the numerous organizations and charities they were a part of. They were willing to give people their time and effort; with the courses I could take at Rutgers, I could provide people with more than my time and effort. I could provide them with the information they need and if I’m capable, could help them through the issues which they are faced with myself. 

This was my personal statement for Rutgers, it's possibly one of the reasons why I got accepted. It's weird seeing how I cared back then. I had so much excitement to be in this field. I was so optimistic and I really wanted to include Sociology in everything I was going to do. I wish I could have taken more Sociology courses, but I was told it would just hinder me from graduating on time. 
I just wanted to save this statement somewhere else as I delete a lot of my documents from my laptop.


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