New Direction

Ever since I met you I've been making more and more memories. Tonight I almost told you about what happened eleven months ago, I almost told you about the real reason why I know he can't like me and never will.
I want this blog to be more relatable, and so I want to be less personal and more general but not too general where anyone else could have written what I want to write.

I want to stop making open letters to people, at least not if they're dark or just sad or upsetting.
I want to be able to look back on some of my posts and not want to cry.
I want this to be a positive platform, unlike what it mostly is. I want to transform it from that. I want to be more optimistic about everything. I can't be dark because I've always been the kind of person who loves to laugh. I may have a weird sense of humor, but I like laughing more than I do like crying. I have gotten used to feeling alone and lonely but if I have a chance to become a part of something, a group or a crowd, why not? I can still be quiet within the group, no one forces anyone to speak out, it's just more experiences. I am still the quiet girl but maybe this time I can be the quiet girl who isn't hanging around in the corner anymore.

I can be the quiet girl who is among the crowd. I can be the quiet girl who has the same experiences as the other people in the group.

i guess your effect on me is already starting to show.


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