My Credo

I wrote this three years ago when I was very emotional...

          I believe that life constantly teaches us lessons, every person we face, every moment that makes us cry and every moment we laugh until we cry, we are learning. As long as we face and accept each problem, we learn the most important life lessons [life has to offer]. Moments that make us cry strengthen us. Each moment that I find myself at the lowest point, I make it my goal to be stronger and focus on the better aspects of life. Each moment that I laugh until I cry, I am motivated to just live life without any hesitations and just enjoy each day. I value my family and their views of me. I trust that they know me the most and I can be confident that they will always be honest to me. I trust them to tell me when they think I'm overdoing things or when I'm changing for the worst. Most of all, I trust them to support each decision I make even if they may not agree with each one I make. My family may not know it, but they are my motivators, I have them in mind each time I make a tough decision. I am placed in this world to help people in foreign places feel more comfortable. I will do everything to help and guide each person that comes to me for help. I believe I can fulfill my dream of traveling sooner or later, but I will not give up.

I must say I was much much stronger back then than I am now.
Thank you Mrs. Rowland for sending this to us before we graduated.


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