A New Friend

From the guy who I love seeing occasionally, every day, (seriously, it feels like my day isn't made until I see you) to the guy who knows most of my deepest insecurities. I absolutely didn't expect that you'd be that person to me. You definitely don't know how much that Saturday night means to me now. Your advice will forever follow me, and is pretty much ingrained into my head by now. "Be Casual, and Don't Stress!" These are the kind of advice Maria and Zac could have easily told me, and probably have, but it is the one that I will really remember you by. You and Nick are so alike it's weird. But the great and big thing the two of you don't share is your willingness to share your emotions, at least more emotions than most guys are willing to share to me. Specially since we haven't known each other that long, and definitely not well enough. You know a lot about me now, but I know little to just a little sliver of your nineteen years of living. I'd love to really get to know you, but would that still be considered "casual?" I know better than to like you, although it may be a little too late, but I believe that the more I get to know you, the more I will just see you as another great friend, a friend who will always be willing to give me advice. My black belt friend, the one who could easily hurt people, but doesn't because he is the nicest guy most people know. The guy who willingly listens to someone like me for almost three hours. Three hours of his life he could have been doing so much more. It took me so much of my little courage to go up to you that night and ask for your time, and you didn't disappoint. Now, if only I could muster up more courage to really be your friend. I like what you live for, and I hope that I can share more of your time, but instead of just me talking, I wish it could be balanced, both of us talking and listening. :) Four years of college, doesn't seem so bad now!


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