Bubble Baths Galore

To make Lex and Cyris behave, I have been promising them bubble baths! :) It actually works, they do what I ask them to do and they don't complain as much :) Of course me wanting to take pretty pictures, also took the opportunity to have a photoshoot! I couldn't resist haha It was pretty scary though, I didn't want any of them getting up or moving too much, I was scared that one of them would slip and hit their head on the newly scrubbed claw foot tub (scrubbed by me of course ). I also didn't want either of them going under the water...I would have never heard the end of it from my brother...It was pretty fun trying to take pictures while being watchful of them as well, I also couldn't get the camera wet. My dad would never forgive me for that...Well, here are the pictures...There are a lot!


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