These pictures weren't really taken the same day, but I figured it was kind of relevant  :) I finally got tired of all the college letters I kept and decided to throw out most of them! 

My mom somehow couldn't get a proper picture of my dad, I guess she likes to move too much or her hands can't stay still. Or she just doesn't check what the picture looks like after.

They were taking pictures while the tour was going on.

He's the school mascot, this was the last part of the tour...I'm the girl in the top of the stairs with the white cardigan and red shirt.

My parents really waited for my name to pop up on the screen that I'm sure they didn't listen to the speaker.

I loved this part of the day, specially because they encouraged us to say hi and look around us at the other  students who were thinking about attending Albright. I was with my parents so I didn't really think it was necessary or right of me to socialize and leave my parents. I met two girls that day, Emily and Maddie. Maddie was a lot more approachable and more forth bearing with her feelings about the school. Both of them have committed to Allbright, and I just wanted so badly to say that I did as well, but that day is yet to come. I still have one month left. I "met" and said a few words to Maddie during the speaker's presentation, while I was in the same tour as Emily, she didn't like to talk unless she was directly addressed. 

That's how gloomy it was.

The buildings around Albright were so pretty!  

Entertaining myself by taking pictures so I wouldn't go to sleep on the way there :)

Last Saturday, March 23, 2012, I did an Accepted Student's Day in Albright! Albright College is my top college choice, as of right now, and it will always be, even if I end up going to Camden County College for two years. I had to wake up like it was a regular school day on a Saturday, so you know I'm a little more determined haha. The drive to Albright takes up to two hours, depending how you get there. My dad and I didn't exactly trust our GPS because the first time we went, the Dinner for my scholarship, my sister's boyfriend didn't follow the directions of the GPS, specially because our GPS isn't exactly updated, and because he actually is quite familiar with the roads of Pennsylvania, at least more than my family members and I are. The program was to start at 9:30, but I didn't want to be late (I was scared my dad would take a long time with his driving, or we would get lost) We got there pretty early, so my parents took advantage of the food that was prepared for us...I was too nervous to eat, what I was nervous about, I have no idea. The people were so nice though, The tour leader I had was crazy and just very outgoing, she knew so much, and she was the first student to approach me. She even complimented me for wearing Albright colors! :) The tour was pretty great, I found out a lot of things, like I didn't want to go to the dorm hall I was placed in because its so far from the rest of the campus. I also don't want to go to that dorm hall because I don't want to be the girl who doesn't deserve to be there and it is quite obvious that I'm the odd one out. I also found out that Albright takes trips to Broadway for a really cheap price! :) After the tour, it started to rain, but it wasn't hard so we were still allowed to walk around the campus. My parents and I went to the Financial Aid counselor and I found out just how much my parents may pay on a monthly basis for the Parent Plus loan. It seemed to convince my parents that it isn't way too much, at least that's what they told me. I hope it really isn't too bad. After the Financial Aid meeting, I was able to meet a Sociology professor, but he didn't get to elaborate too much on it because I was the only one who was interested in it, the other guys who went were more interested in Criminology. According to my parents, the prof. went too much into the curriculum, boring the this tour was supposed to be for them. My mom actually, prior to the meeting with the prof. was making fun and predicting that I was going to be the only who would go to meet the prof. because I was going to be the only who was interested in Sociology. It kind of made me mad. After that, we went home and I gained my sleep back on the way home, causing my dad to get lost haha He blamed my mom for not telling him where to go, based on what the GPS was telling him to do. 


Anonymous said…
haha i'm so proud oy you cha...
tell mm to update her gps tracker so that dad would not blame her hahaha

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