Christmas 2010

baby Sofia with my parents

family picture without my oldest sister and only brother

ate(older sister) Chrisa and mommy

With my dad's dad.

almost all of the aunts and uncles.

adults goofing around

my dad's oldest brother trying to shake the box to get jingle bells out. :)

my dad's other brother doing the same.

after doing this, my uncle sadly had to go to the hospital, the wine and the jumping was not a good match, plus the fact that he was still tired from his work shift. Obviously, we take our games seriously! :)

Samantha :)

One of the games, she was asking me questions to try to figure out what the word on the hat was.  It says basket if it isn't clear.

I was restricted from saying anything other than yes, no, or maybe.

I think his phrase was jingle bells.

Her word was money but her partner, her son, thought it said monkey!


My aunts and uncles needed a break to set up the next game so my sister serenaded us.

The kids did as well.

 Unfortunately, my other nephew, Lexis, was too sick to go to the Christmas party.

The Christmas Party was fun, as they always have been, a lot of games were played, no one just wanted to take too much pictures, or if they did, they used their own cameras. A lot of these pictures are taken by me or my sister, but at family parties, I can never be too sure.  We have a habit of just leaving our cameras on the table and letting people take pictures with them, seldom we don't even check whose camera we are using until the end of the night when we need to give the cameras back to their rightful owners. Back to the Christmas Party, we had groups set up, there was a list, I just didn't get a chance to take a picture, and there was Bingo too, where the winner received $50, I think, I was never the winner so I wouldnt know. :( Somehow, my group never we end up winning only like $2 per person haha. We also had extra people with us, my cousin's wife's family was there to celebrate with us! :) They were very shy and kept to their selves. My nephew, my brother, and my sister-in-law were sick, so they couldn't attend, so, my immediate family, went to their house after the party. 


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