Alopecia Areata and it's consequences

Life throws us setbacks that are supposed to help us through, but sometimes this is not what it seems like. Sometimes we feel as if life just hates us, as if we just happen to be the unluckiest people in this world. I think that I got alopecia areata to let me know who my real friends are in this world we live in. In result to my alopecia, I'm starting to realize that my family really does care for me, even though it may not always be evident in everything they do. They want to always have a solution for all my problems, specially my mom. I don't know why but the person that shows the most love for me is the person who I keep ignoring, the person I don't appreciate enough. She is willing to do everything, she even walks in Philadelphia just for me, to always be there for my appointments. What do I do? I'm the foolish daughter who asks her why she even tries, and tells her that she doesn't have to do it anymore and that it could just be me and my dad to my appointments. She cooks everything I love yet I still don't appreciate her. I hope that I can find it in myself soon enough to really stop this phase I'm in, I know I was never a mommy's girl, but I was never like this, I at least used to show her my love for her. I at least used to show respect and appreciation for everything she did for me, but somehow now that isn't what is happening anymore. Sorry mommy, I will try better, I promise.


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