Meteor GardenII and Corner with Love

If you told me that I would feel bad for Huatze Lei six years ago, I would have probably thought you were crazy. I didn't imagine that I would actually see myself in his shoes. All my life I thought I was going to have a happy ending with my prince charming and we were going to have amazing children, but who would have thought that I would play the best friend who is overshadowed by the lead, the person who will never get to feel the true meaning of love. After watching Meteor Garden 2 again, I looked at my future differently, would I really play the role of the best friend? Would I let that happen to me? Right now I don't know the answers but I'm scared that I will come out as the best friend. Well anyway, I obviously fell in love with Huatze Lei's character this time around instead of just feeling horrible for Daoming Si and Shancai's characters. I know that not a lot of people liked Meteor Garden II, I didn't either but I knew that there was something good about it, and so I just watched it anyway. If you are like me, you will most likely skip around a lot specially when Yesha is in the scenes, so if you still want to watch it, but you don't like seeing Yesha, simply go here: the people who put that website together really worked hard to help people out. There are really good episodes in Meteor Garden, don't let others tell you otherwise. I cried really hard when Huatze Lei tells the girl near the end why exactly he did what he did, when he let Shancai go and urged Daoming Si to make the decision of giving his love for Shancai a second chance. It was very brave of him to sacrifice his own love for someone, even though he said his story with her never began, I really think he really did fall in love for Shancai more than a couple of times while Daoming Si was out of the picture. It must have been really hard to have that much emotion when what he was saying was really deep stuff, I would not be able to hold my emotions, I would be crying really hard, but he held it all in with a smile.

Corner With Love

I thought it was okay, but I honestly felt more horrible for Yin Shang Dong than Xin Lei and Qin Lang put together. I did feel really bad for Xin Lei when Shang Dong left her and then got engaged to someone else, but at that time I already knew that they were going to have to break up somehow so that Qin Lang can have some part in the story. I felt bad for Shang Dong because he really did love Xin Lei, but his love wasn't reciprocated. I really don't know what it is with me, but if it was the old me, I would have felt bad for Xin Lein and Qin Lang because at one point in the story where they had to give up their love for their families. It is a good series don't get me wrong I just have different views on the characters. I loved how Barbie's usual role was flipped, instead of being poor, she was rich at first, but she was still treated like a princess throughout the series. She looks really pretty as she matured, she's so pale too! For some people, it doesn't look right, but for her it does. I always looked out for how she was going to look and what her outfit was going to be every episode because I loved her style in a lot of the episodes


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