Meteor Garden Review

I read some of the meteor garden reviews recently and I thought the people who posted them were very wrong, the reason why I'm writing my own. Although it may have been dragging at times, I didn't think it was that bad. I thought it really had a good story. I don't think it would have been played so many times in the Philippines if it was as horrible as how people say it is. This is one of the series that I felt connected to, I cried when they cried and laughed when they did. I didn't find it over exaggerating in any way, and it was not at all offensive to anyone. The parents may have been a bit weird but they added to the story, without their actions, the story would not be complete at all. The scenes really affected me greatly, I really cried my eyes out in almost every scene. I honestly cannot believe why some people say such bad things about it. I would definitely not get sick of watching it if I was forced to watch it everyday. The ratings of the rerun of the show is still really high, and that's the dubbed version, which I thought was not good at all, the voice kind of distracted me whenever I would watch anything dubbed that isn't anime. I just think it is so unnatural. I would rather read subtitles than watch something that was dubbed. If the fact that the ratings are still high even with the dubbed version still doesn't make people believe, they should just watch it again. The last time I watched Meteor Garden 1 and Meteor Garden 2 was about six years ago, and when I watched it again, I couldn't believe how much more touching it seems. My opinions of the characters have changed, but I still love the show. A lot of people thought too much of it saying that it was too superficial or whatever they want to say, but like Jerry and Vic said, it's just a drama show. These things may have happened in the old days, but it would not happen in this century. People just sometimes need to stop over-analyzing things.


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