Goodbye Marky Cielo:(

It is devastating to hear that Marky Cielo has died. He was probably one of the few people who were actually real in the showbizness. He was very proud of where he came from and the people he loved. He seemed like the sweetest son, and brother to his mom and sister. He also would have probably been the sweetest and most romantic boyfriend a girl could ever have. Now I really understand that your life could really be taken away from you in a single second and that I really need to live my life the way I want to be remembered, and never let anyone stop me from my dreams. Because of this happening I will try my best not to let my emotions take over me having fun. Who cares if they think I'm ugly and talentless? Obviously they don't care about me and I really shouldn't care all that much about what they say. I will only care if what they are saying is true and it is bad like I'm mean or something like that. I know it may sound insensitive but oh well, thank you Marky Cielo, you inspired me to just live my life and be like you, humble, caring, sweet, kind, nice, talented, and ambitious, a person who will always be remembered by a lot of people. Also a person who can only be described by nice adjectives. I really wish I could live my life like he did. I will try my best always to stop being so sensitive. I offer my condolences to Marky Cielo's family


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