Twilight is one of the best fantasy/love story i have ever read!

It's amazing how it can make anyone just feel so much love.
It's also perfect for everyone teenager, or older, you will still feel the love Edward feels for Bella.
The fact that Edward is this super gentleman just makes me love Twilight more.
I love how he has lived for a very long time yet he does not feel the need to be with anyone, he just felt the need to be with the ONE. It just proves that girls really do love it when they guy is a complete gentleman just like Edward. Jacob is okay too actually because he's like in the middle. I know that I would def. love to be in Bella's shoes after reading the book, she is just so lucky to be loved by so many people who feel the need to tell her how much they love her. I hate it when guys hold back their sensitive side.


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