27 Dresses/cliches

So I just watched 27 Dresses yesterday with my older sister. All I have to say is it's a really good movie. I think that if you have an older or younger sister or anyone you just think as "has the perfect life" and you have at least once in your life acted like a total pain in the butt or just someone who is totally sensitive you should watch it with them. I found that it wasn't just about a love story because there was a really good lesson that I learned about siblings. I learned to understand that not everyone really is perfect, sure everyone else learned that when they were like five years old but I really realized that the person you're jealous of could be jealous of you so don't always feel bad and that you shouldn't lie yeah, yeah such a cliche but you know you should never rush into a marriage and if you're about to marry someone who you just lied to, you should stop for a moment and think if you really want to have a marriage with someone who thinks you're perfect and not because you're just you. wow that was long if you found that very very confusing my only advice for you is to just watch the movie. Take my word, it's really good and emotional!


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