Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix

So, I'm going to try being a reviewer and I'm going to start it off with one of my favorite subjectsHarry Potter.
Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, just like the other Harry Potter momvies, made a lot of money, lots of people wanted so eagerly to watch it, I happen to be one of them. I didn't get to see it on the day it went out, and I already heard such great comments from it just from like the first hour. I couldn't believe how long I had to wait until I watched it, but I guess it was better that way since there wasn't a lot of people in the theatre. For some odd reason the movie felt like it was just two seconds long, fine at least like 30 minutes. I badly wanted more when the movie ended. Wow, right now I feel so bad because I'm acting like anyone cares about what I think, oh well. Oh yeah, JK Rowling fans and the director's please don't kill me.(I know, so out of topic.)

Favorite Parts
around the ending in the Ministry of Magic office or whatever where Harry is on the floor thinking about what he had that Voldemort(OMG! I said his name!...lol) didn't. I thought it was really sweet of him, that part definetly mde me cry!
Don't hate: I also loved the part where he just got in the room and Hermione hugged him(sorry, I'm a big Harry/Hermione fan)
Oh yeah, the part where he told Mrs. Umbridge "I must not tell lies!" I thought that was really funny. She deserved it!
I'll add on later on when I watch it again and think about it.

Not so great parts
question:Why did they make Cho tell on Dumbledore's Army? I mean Harry's stilll not supposed to hate her yet that comes in like the middle of the sixth movie.
I hate how they took of Dobby in this movie I do remember reading about Dobby! They only put Kreacher in!
When they are about to go to the Department of Mysteries, how come no one explained how to get on but they just simply knew how seeing that they(Hermione, Ron, and Ginny I think that's it)couldn't see the thestrals.(F.Y.I. I actually knew that Harry told them, It was just my sister's question and I thought that was a good question since not a lot of people actually read the book.)
Again, will add more later.

That's it I think.


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